Find your notes when you need them

GumNotes attaches your notes to the
document they are refering to.

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GumNotes works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Digital notes right then, when you need them

With the free Annotation-Tool GumNotes you create digital notes very easily. With GumNotes you can attach notes to a document, stick reminder to files and affix comments to E-Mails. To affix notes turn out to be incredibly easy: The Annotation-Tool assigns the appropriate "sticky notes" to each program or document. In this case it doesn't matter, whether it is for Excel, Word, Powerpoint, a picture or a website. It is convenient that you see the reminder, the comment or the note, in the moment you open the according file again. Each website in your browser, no matter whether it is Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera, can be provided with GumNotes. Furthermore the use of GumNotes on mobile terminals like iPhone, Blackberry or other Smartphones is possible through the service "Simplenote". Even Googlemail supports the free memo-service.

Integrated server support

With GumNotes you have the possibility to exchange memos with your assistants. Share created digital notes through the server function of GumNotes by offering the memory file for comments. You can do this, either by approving the files on a server to be available, or by using the Dropbox® service. This allows you to share the notes within your company and saves precious time.

Sticky notes clarify things

The sticky notes of conventional note programs are usually listed on the desktop. In comparison GumNotes saves your notes in the background and only shows them, when you open the relating documents. Due to that your desktop is kept clean and your important issues get more of your attention. There are no notes anymore on your desktop that traps your gaze and prevents you from efficient working.

Compatibility to other operating systems and hardware

GumNotes is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. With a special App you can even synchronize your GumNotes with mobile terminals like Blackberry, iPhone and other Smartphones. This happens with the help of the "Simplenote"-service. This enables you to have your notes geared up at any time and everywhere.


Forget about your memo book:
GumNotes reminds you of meetings, appointments, business meals and other things. In a timely manner, a "Sticky Note", which is paired with a timer, will be shown on your computer. This will remind you of the upcoming event. With GumNotes as timer, you will never miss an appointment again.

Simple and effective

The attaching of the sticky notes at data files is no complicated process:
You have a document on the desktop and open GumNotes. Right away you are offered the chance to write your message on a virtual sticky note, which then will be attached to the data file as a note. And it doesn't matter if it is a site in your web browser, an E-Book in PDF format or just an application for your mobile terminal. GumNotes sticks your sticky notes on every task you want it to.