Beta phase ends – final release of Gumnotes

We are pleased that the beta test of GumNotes is now successfully completed.

Thank you for your help and support!

The official release version ( of GumNotes is available here. Download it now!

As promised: GumNotes remains free of charge for private use!

If you want to use GumNotes in your business or in a professionally or commercially way, you have to order a GumNotes Professional license in our shop.

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2011 and a lot of fun with the new GumNotes Version!

Your team of GumNotes

Sync GumNotes with Simplenote!

GumNotes can attach notes to your documents. We call it the “Gum-Effect”. GumNotes is an application on your PC! The latest release version has integrated access to the Simplenote Server technology.

Simplenote synchronizes your notes on almost every platform: PC, MAC, IPhone, Android, Blackberry! Thanks to the combination with Simplenote you can now attach a note to a document on your PC and read and edit it on your IPhone later!

New Version –

It’s thursday 21th october, 13:17 pm an a new release of GumNotes is ready for download. Some bugs have been removed and some new features are ready. Please test the new Version.

Find the download here

Feature list:

  • Completely redesigned look and feel – e.g. every note has it’s own note dialog now.
  • Instant search for notes
  • Multiple, editable triggers (for the actual “Gum” – effect) for notes (e.g. trigger “Spartacus” for a note lets GumNotes open this note everytime a documenttitel/websitetitle/email-subject contains “Spartacus”).
  • Shortcuts to documents: open related documents and emails from your note
  • Reminder-Function for Notes!
  • Colors for Notes
  • Windows Explorer Shell support: Context menu contains “Add a GumNote”…
  • Archiving for notes
  • Export for mails
  • An “overview” view (F6) for all notes

Please send all your wishes for YOUR GumNotes software to: – No support mail! For support request go to Contact.

How it works

1. Open a document. This can be a website, an office document or a email

2. Attach a note! Open the GumNotes window in the sys tray bar and write a note.

3. Next time you open the document GumNotes shows your note. Even for related documents GumNotes can show your note e.g. for follow up emails.

GumNotes Movie – How it works !

Have Fun…

Welcome Asia!

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La bonne idée – Welcome France!

Il y a comme ça des petites applications qui devraient faire partie du système (Windows ou Mac). L’idée est simplement géniale : associer des notes texte à n’importe quelle fenètre ouverte. L’idée est géniale, mais dans la pratique il y a un gros problème… Read more

Become GumNotes Evangelist

Thousands of users all over the world have joined GumNotes beta test in the last 3 weeks! Now we want to bring GumNotes to your country!

Do you want to be part of GumNotes from the beginning? Do you know the local PC community of your country and have skills in communicating and spreading the word? You are dedicated to the idea of GumNotes and want work in a team with the GumNotes creators? Great!

How about to become the representative of GumNotes in your country?

Your mission:

  • Spreading the word in forums, blogs, and download sides
  • Localize of the GumNotes website and the GumNotes application into your language
  • Communicate with leading bloggers and IT trend setters
  • Communicate with the print media

Interesting? Write us a short overview about your country, your background, your opinion about GumNotes and what ideas you have about spreading the word in your country!

Please write an email to: (subject: GumNotes Evangelist – Your Country) – No support mail! For support request go to Contact.

See you around!

The GumNotes Team

Softpedia Review – Add Notes To Emails, Webpages or Documents

GumNotes is an annotation tool that works with just about any program you open. It works as a reminder by attaching notes to programs, emails, websites or documents. Whenever you open up a program that has a note attached GumNotes will pop up the annotation.

The functionality of this contraption resides in the fact that it eliminates all the sticky notes on your desktop, or browsing or them, and instead offers the information the moment you access the document, email, website or program. What if you don’t open the window that triggers the message? GumNotes has this covered and allows you to create reminders when you access the desktop space.

Find more on

GumNotes – New Version

It’s friday 24th september, 7:50 pm an a new release of GumNotes is ready for download. Some bugs have been removed and some new features are ready. PLease test the new Version.

Find the download here

Whats New:

  • Search function
  • New look and feel
  • Add Keywords to search
  • Export to txt-file

Please send all your wishes for YOUR GumNotes software to:

GumNotes Worldwide with – Anexando uma nota no seu documento

O Gum Notes é um programa que permite você criar notas direto do seu Desktop, associadas a e-mails, documentos, e sites. Quando você abre este {e-mail, documento, site} a nota aparece.

GumNotes goes brazil: “Os sticky notes acabaram?”

Today, writes: “Já não é de hoje que precisamos de lembretes para evitar o esquecimento de compromissos e tarefas importantes. Contudo, com o avanço de uma civilização cada vez mais digitalizada e conectada à rede, o fluxo de informações se tornou absurdamente grande e dificilmente alguém consegue se manter em dia com os compromissos firmados sem ajuda.” Read more, if need some brazilian vibes… says: “Brilliant”

Today on “GumNotes is a brilliant application to add notes to files, websites, documents, contacts, Outlook emails, and more..”

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Search for Comments

With GumNotes youve the possibilty to search your notes easly. Find whatever you are searching for.

Attach GumNotes to outlook & other emails

Stick GumNotes to your outlook and other emails. When ever you open the email, the attached notes appear automatically.

Features Highlighted:

  • Attach notes to any email
  • The whole conversation will be notated

Attach GumNotes to docs & websites

Stick GumNotes to documents and web pages. When ever you open the document or web page, the attached notes appear automatically.

Features Highlighted:

  • Attach notes to any document, website, program or window
  • Use hotkey to attach sticky note to the current document