“GumNotes is a brilliant application…” Addictivetips.com

The best combination to stick your notes easily to your document. Use the Gum-Effect!

  • Annotate Websites: Add notes to websites in Firefox, Internet-Explorer and all other website-browsers.
  • Annotate your Documents: Word, Excel, Images and all other documents
  • Annotate your Outlook: Emails, Followup-Emails, Contacts, Meetings, Appointments. Make an Outlook backup to save your Emails and settings from Outlook.
  • Gmail: GumNotes works with Googlemail, too! Annotate every separate Gmail with your notes!
  • Reminders: Never forget an important meeting: With GumNotes – Timers!
  • Shared Notes: Share notes with colleagues and friends
  • Synchronized: View and edit your notes on your IPhone, MAC, Android, Internet – thanks to Simplenote-Server support!

Latest feature: Sync GumNotes with your IPhone!

Our latest movie: Sync GumNotes with Simplenote-Server! View and edit your notes on your desktop as well as on your IPhone, MAC, Android phone or in a webbrowser! The latest release integrated full support of Simplenote! Simplenote is a free platform to sync notes on all your devices. Visit the Simplenote site and open a free account!

How it works

1. Open a document

This can be a website, an office document or a email

2. Attach a note!

Open the GumNotes window in the sys tray bar and write a note.

3. Next time you open the document GumNotes shows your note.

Even for related documents GumNotes can show your note e.g. for follow up emails.

When do I need GumNotes?

  • To share team internal messages for documents or emails
  • To remind yourself of a important issue

Why you should use GumNotes?

  • Save time to get information
  • Easy to use: Effortlessly capture any information inside desktop sticky notes. It may be to-dos, reminders, appointments or notes.
  • It’s Simple to understand GumNotes – GumNotes is so intuitive that there is nothing to learn.Just install the program & start getting benefitted right away.
  • Attach GumNotes to websites – Extra convenient: GumNotes lets you stick notes to web pages & documents. They show-up automatically when ever you go back to that web page.
  • Enjoy creating sticky notes – Enjoyable experience: Using GumNotes like virtual sticky notes on your desktop is fun. Since creating a sticky note on desktop is just a click away, you would not procrastinate taking notes.
  • Keeps desktop neat:  Organize sticky notes – GumNotes are not shown on your desktop, you see them when you need them
  • Send, share, synchronize sticky notes – Send stickies to your coworkers, friends and colleagues. Share in your network or via internet
“By the way, when my wife saw the GumNotes sticky notes on my laptop desktop, she went wild for it and wanted it on our home computer. Thanks again!” Bill White, Washington DC