Something went wrong with the installation of the new GumNotes version, what can I do?
You have to do the following:

1.      Close/end the old GumNotes version first.

2.      Uninstall the old GumNotes version.

3.      Delete the folder called “GumNotes” in this directory:

Win XP: C:\documents and settings\[YOUR NAME]\application data\roaming\

Vista Win 7: C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\roaming\

4. Install the new GumNotes version.

How much does GumNotes cost?
GumNotes is for free – it does not cost a penny at all if you will use it in private use.  That means: The “GumNotes Free Version” (unregistered version) is only intended for private use on a single PC.  The commercial or professional use of the free “GumNotes Free Version” is not allowed.

For a commercial or professional use you have to buy a license in order to register GumNotes. For further details please take a lootxtk at the EULA.

What is the difference between GumNotes Free version and GumNotes Professional version?
The GumNotes Professional version is a registered GumNotes Free version – no separate software version. To register GumNotes Free, you have to purchase a license in our shop. You’re allowed to use the GumNotes Professional version in a professional or commercial way or context – the GumNotes Free version does not.

When or why do I have to buy a GumNotes Professional license?
If you will use GumNotes at work, in a commercial or professional way.

Do you offer support for GumNotes?
Yes, if you have ordered a GumNotes Professional license in our shop you will get support via mail at: support@gumnotes.com

Which systems GumNotes is compatible to?
GumNotes is compatible to all common Windows versions – from Windows XP to Windows 7.

How can I get the current version of GumNotes?
Please visit our website and click on “Download” – there you always get the latest version of GumNotes.

Where can I find the version number of my running installation?
In the sys-tray please right click on the GumNotes icon. Now click on “Options”.  In the bottom left corner of the window the number of your version will appear.

I’ve already installed a version. How can I update to the latest version?
Please uninstall the old version via the control panel. Then install the new version (your existing data will maintain).

Can I add more than one note to my file or webpage?
Yes, you can add as much notes to one document as you want. Another way: Just extend the first one with more data.

Does GumNotes send any notes or data to a web server?
No, your notes will be saved on your local system. And there they will stay. If you will add a new archive for your notes on your network or in a Dropbox folder, then you will share your notes with the people who are sharing these folders, too.

To what type of item can I attach a note?
To every item which is saved on your system. Also to webpages or folders. The trick is the name of the document, the webpage or the folder. The name is the identification attribute for your GumNotes.

I’ve attached a note to a file, but if I open that file again, the note will not pop up, why?
The reason is: you have opened the file with a different program. A typical case:

You have modified a picture with MS Paint and added to this picture a GumNote. After closing MS Paint you will open again the picture with the program “MS Office Picture Manager” – and now no note will pop up. If you’re using programs which are not connected in the standard installation of GumNotes you can add them later very easy: Just right click on the GumNotes icon in the sys-tray and click on “Options”. Afterwards on “Process filter set”. Now you will see a list of programs in a txt file – just add at the end of the list the words: “MS Office Picture Manager” and GumNotes will know this program from that time on.

Can I combine GumNotes with other Sticky-Notes?
Yes, this is possible.

Is GumNotes available in other languages?
GumNotes is available in German and English at present.

Where do my comments get saved?
All comments get saved in a so-called notes STORE. The store is an XML-file. You find that file in a private folder under Windows. Default path Windows XP: C:\documents and settings\[YOUR NAME]\application data\GumNotes or Vista Windows 7: C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\GumNotes

How can I use GumNotes in an internal network and export my notes? Is that also possible via internet?
All notes are saved in an XML data format. Determine a folder, which should be used for saving this XML-file in it. Invite your colleagues, to share the XML-file with you. To do this you could e.g. uncover the folder, in which the files are saved, for all users of the network. Another opportunity is, to convey the XML-file via email to your colleagues. It may be even easier, to use a file synchonization service like Dropbox. There you can just place your XML-files in a common folder, to share them with your friends and colleagues.

I want GumNotes to start automatically whenever I start my PC. How can I do that?
Go to options. Set the tick on “Run GumNotes when Windows starts”. Now it will run every time you start your PC.

What does the little pin or “to fix on the desktop” mean?
If you fix GumNotes on the desktop, you prevent, that GumNotes disappears behind other sites. That means that the GumNotes-window always stays in the foreground.

How can I quit GumNotes?
Affect a right click on the GumNotes-Symbol. Different opportunities will be shown up. Click on “Quit GumNotes” to quit. You could also click on “File” in the navigation of your open GumNotes-window. There you can find the option “Quit GumNotes”, too.

How can I send a report to the GumNotes support?
Click on “Help” and then on “Send a report”.

Will I be informed automatically, as soon as updates for GumNotes are available?
If you run GumNotes and a later version is available, you will be informed automatically about that. Or click on “Help” and on “Search for Updates”.

How can I find updates?
First opportunity is to go to our homepage. Second one is to click on “Help” in your GumNotes window and then on “Search for updates”. GumNotes will then search for updates automatically.

How can I save notes?
Notes are automatically saved when you close a note or close the GumNotes application. Or press STRG+S.

How can I search for notes? How can I type in keywords for GumNotes?
Open then notes manager. Write any keywords  to  the search box and all matching notes will appear (filter).

How can I delete the search filter for notes?
You would like to remove the sequence of your search? Click on the “X” behind the search box and your file searching will be deletes.

How can I choose an active GumNotes store?
Click on “File” and then on “Choose active archive…” – then you can choose between the different stores.

How can I create a new archive?
- How can I determine the name of the archive?
- How can I determine the memory location of the store?

Click on “Tools” in the navigation menu of your GumNotes-window. Then click on “Options”. On the right side of the page you will find the Point “Add”. Choose it. A new window will pop up. In this one you can determine the name and the memory location of your archive.

How can I play a sound file when a notice is available?
Click “Tools” in the navigation of your window and then “Options“. There you can pick up a sound file which should be played by an available note. Then you have to set a check mark at “If a note is available, play the sound”. If you now click on a date where a notice exists, the wanted sound file will be played.

What does “display attached note as information box” mean?
It means that a pop up with your notice appears, whenever you open a data with an affixed note on it.

Can I link to the GumNotes websites?
With pleasure. We’re happy about all kinds of support. If you have any questions, we’d love to help you: info@gumnotes.com

I would like to write an article about GumNotes or publish GumNotes on a CD.
That’s no problem at all. Just send us an email (info@gumnotes.com), so we can talk about further details.

Will gumnotes be available on other systemes like linux or mac?
No, not at the moment. GumNotes is developed especially for Windows.